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About Glam Rock:

It's The Future.. When i started this magazine in 2009, i didnt know what the future would hold. it’s now 2016 and In a world where print is going out of business, there are not many magazines left to submit to. I started this magazine with the intent to share my work and other artists in the alt industry, and that seems to be needed now more than ever.
the future of glam rock magazine is more polished. As the industry and artists have grown, our work from 5 years ago seems primitive to what we can achieve today. Giving alternative models with dyed hair, tattoos, piercings, and other non conventional model traits, a place to showcase their talent and beauty is something needed and wanted.

Alt fashion; the modeling, fashion, and photography that brings an edge to high fashion. that is what we live for.

In that same breath, we hope to add some new features to share more about yearly events, a directory of great artists to work with for planning tours and trips, stories on people making their own careers, and more. to give a community feel to this industry we love and breathe in every day.

Submissions & Info:
We are currently revamping our submission system. Check out our website in February 2016 for up to date details on how to submit your work for a feature!


Check out this behind the scenes video from Tragic Glamour photographing Sophia Vonne for the current SS15 issue with Christine Fury on the cover.

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